“His soup is so good you could sell your brother for it… “Cynthia Wine - Toronto Star
“Elixir is a triumph of delicacy…”Joanne Kates - The Globe and Mail
“Great food…the service is good…”Don Dulouph - CBC Radio

“When I first tried his food I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.”Taylor Watson - from Google Reviews
“The first time I went to Elixir I was hooked! Terrific food.”
Albert Schmidt - from Google Reviews
“Exceptional quality, fabulous relaxing experience”Shekoofeh - Trip Advisor User
“A Wonderful Surprise”Andross2 - Trip Advisor User
“Best Kept Secret in Cambridge”79Scotty - Trip Advisor User
“Great hidden gem!”
Canhil, Cambridge - Trip Advisor User

“I should have visited Elixer much sooner!”
6milliondollarpostmn, Cambridge - Trip Advisor User
“My Favourite Place to Eat!”
Jackie N., Cambridge - Trip Advisor User
“Always good food! It is a quaint unpretentious little restaurant on Main St. in Cambridge. “
Pamela D., Brantford - Trip Advisor User
“The food and atmosphere were great. It was a perfect spot for dinner with friends and family.”
4Joanne, Cambridge - Trip Advisor User
“A great, quaint restaurant with very good food.”
Sidpaquette - Trip Advisor User
“Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, & despite the name, Elixir is an unpretentious place to take the “family…
Toronto Food Diary - Urban Spoon Blogger Review – Toronto Food Diary Detailed Review
“The food was terrific with combinations of flavours we’ve never tasted before. Service was also very good.”
GreenLimeCrush, Ontario - Urban Spoon User
“great fresh food , expertly prepared by the chef famous for fusion, + nouvelle cuisine. “
Donna - Restaurantica Reviewer
The meat was cooked perfectly and fell apart in my mouth!
"bobbydazzler" - Restaurantica Reviewer
“just about gobsmacked that the quality and flavours are way above those of the Keg and yet the bill was much lower than what we would have paid there. “
Scott - Restaurantica Reviewer
” The food is simply amazing. I am quite the foody and am not easily impressed.”
Mercedes - Restaurantica Reviewer
“Elixir is like a party in your mouth!! I crave it all the time…. The best restaurant in town”
Sodexho, Cambridge Resident - Restaurant Guide Reviewer
“We can not praise this restaurant enough! we love it! The service is always great and the food exquisite!”
"Claw", Waterloo Region Resident - Restaurant Guide Reviewer
” We enjoyed the culinary skills of Chef Pirooz who uses only the finest ingredients to masterfully create delicious cuisine.”Amanda Maxwell, Cambridge Realtor - Amanda's video review
“Amazing food. Great ambiance. Friendly service. It has been more than 5 years and I still think about how great this restaurant was. Bring it back!”
Toronto Resident - Yahoo User (referring to Chef's original restaurant in Toronto)