Menu Du Jour Prepared Fresh Daily.


Steak Tartere

Angus tenderloin, garlic crostini, capers, herbs, pickles    

Soup of the day

Composed daily fresh

Main Courses

Beef Tenderloin

6 Oz Bacon wrapped grilled tender fillet with Madeira wine Portobello mushrooms beef jus Yukon gold mashed potato.

Lamb Shank

Braised in tomato , basil with mild spices slow cooked to fall of the bone with mashed potatoes and vegetables  

Monkfish Fillet & tiger Shrimp

  Sautéed with ginger, garlic, fresh herbs, vegetables, mini potatoes, citrus jus and mild spices  


Authentic Tiramisu

Crepe with berries, banana and cream

Cream Brulée

Dinner Menu


Caesar Salad

Romaine hearts with a classic Caesar dressing


Marinated tomatoes, basil pesto, goat cheese bruschette

Goat cheese Salad

Candy cane beets, mixed green, pecans and mongo balsamic vinaigrette

Smoked Duck Breast

Smoked duck breast, mango balsamic, julienne vegetables and green salad  

Eggplant with Goat cheese

Roasted eggplant, creamy goat cheese, golden sautéed onion, mint jus and shaved Parmigiano reggiano cheese with toasted garlic baguette.  

Main Course

Duck Confit

Roasted duck legs, orange sauce, cumin, mashed roasted butternut squash and vegetables.

Beef Bourguignon

Braised beef cheek in red wine with tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms served with roasted potatoes and French baguette

Roasted Salmon Fillet

Crispy skin oven baked salmon fillet, lemon capers, roasted potatoes and vegetables  

Coq Au Vin

Chicken braised in red wine, bacon, mushroom, Onion, brandy, tomatoes, chicken broth Served with potatoes and vegetables

Vegetarian Ratatouille

Fresh tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, fresh herbs, vegan  vegetables stew and braised potatoes

Group Menu Serving Corporate Functions & Festive Parties.

With Brewed coffee or tea. $60 per person plus taxes & gratuity.

Appetizer Choices

Mushroom Soup


Caesar Salad


Tiger Shrimp

Dessert Choices

Vanilla creme brulee


Mascarpone cheese and amaretto tiramisu


Brown chocolate pie

Main Course Choices

Roasted Salmon Filet

7Oz with hollandaise sauce, roasted potatoes, and fresh steamed vegetables.


Prime rib

With red wine demi glace sauce,creamy mashed  potatoes, and vegetables.


Roasted supreme chicken

In Marsala wine, light cream, chicken jus served  with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

*Please notify us of any allergies.